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The Big Picture

By Staff | Aug 7, 2013

To think our readers read every word in each edition of the Wetzel Chronicle is fairly ludicrous. We know you probably have your favorite sections to read. You undoubtedly look at the headlines and determine if you want to invest the time in reading the accompanying article. You see the photos and read the captions. You take notice of the advertisements. But you don’t read every word.?We understand.

But it is our hope that reading an entire edition of the Wetzel Chronicle gives an accurate and fairly complete snapshot of our community in that time period. We tell you what has happened and what will be happening. We hope to include items from all areas of the county. We want to provide you with the big picture.

When all of the pieces of our community are put together, each week often provides a bit of a theme. This week we can’t help but notice an underlying story of livelihoods. Healthcare workers are picketing for more jobs or hours. Ormet is struggling to stay alive. And at the same time defendants in court admit to spending $200 per week on drugs while others worry if they can put food on the table.

Times are tough and somewhat hard to understand. We can’t all understand the corporate position, the drug addict’s craving, and the utility rate structure. But we can inform ourselves, hoping to understand and put it all in perspective-to see the big picture.

It is through knowledge that we gain understanding and even ideas. We can find ways to make things better-for ourselves and others.

The Wetzel Chronicle’s masthead includes our motto: Community Service * Our Guiding Principle. We can offer service to our community in many ways, but mostly we think our everyday jobs are a form of community service. We hope the information we provide is indeed a service to our community. And we hope you will use it for the betterment of yourselves, the community, and society as a whole.