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Democracy At Work

By Staff | Jul 24, 2013

Hundred finally elected its next mayor Tuesday. As the story on page 1A explains, the original race in June ended in a tie, so their charter required a run-off election. That was held Tuesday and revealed incumbent Charles Sine will keep his job.

We love to see democracy at work in a fair and orderly manner. Our country’s systems of government, including its courts, have worked for years and we find no overwhelming reasons to question its basic tenets.

Our entire country, particularly Washington, D.C., could take a lesson from the small town of Hundred.

We believe Hundred will continue to operate just fine. We think the council will peaceably appoint a person to fill the vacant council seat and we would not be surprised to see Charles Himelrick back at the table in his old chair. He seems to be a concerned, active councilman. We trust the council to make the right decisions for the town, not any snap decisions based on election results.