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Independence Day

By Staff | Jul 3, 2013

We were disturbed to see a news report stating that the city of Weirton has decided to change the name of their Fourth of July Parade to the Summer Holiday Parade — or some such fluffy moniker.


The official in the report said the name was changed because the parade would not be held on the actual Fourth of July. Are they really not creative enough to think of a more fitting name?

How about Independence Day Celebration Parade? Or maybe Salute to America Parade?

Sure, Weirton isn’t in our coverage. So why should we care?

We care because we are Americans and this is the land that we love. We are sick of people sanitizing everything in our culture and our beliefs so as not to offend someone.

Beliefs can be offensive. Patriotism–pride in one’s country–can indeed be offensive to someone who doesn’t ascribe to that loyalty. Just ask someone who cares about a West Virginia/Ohio rivalry. We believe in celebrating our country and we hope you will do just that this week, offensive or not.