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Ripped Our Hearts

By Staff | May 22, 2013

Moore, Oklahoma.

Just saying that city’s name this week instantly brings heartache and images that seem unfathomable. A tornado, or tornadoes, cut a clear path though that city Monday afternoon. The devastation could be called complete of everything in that twister’s way. It tore homes off of their foundations, grass out of the earth, and hearts out of the chests of those who lost loved ones to the savage beast’s wrath.

We just can’t comprehend the devastation and loss. As we safely lie down in our beds at night, we think of those in Oklahoma who don’t have a bed — who can’t find it if it does still exist. It has been flung far and wide if it’s even still intact.

When taking in the news of this event, of its aftermath, we’re struck by the common refrain that the people of Oklahoma are resilient. They’ll get through this. They’ll help each other. They already are.

Sound familiar? Sounds like West Virginia to us. But really, it sounds like America. While we certainly have our problems on so many levels, at the heart we are still a nation of good people. We care for each other. We hurt for each other. We are one.