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By Staff | Feb 27, 2013

(Editor’s note: The Wetzel County Emergency Medical Service wrote this about their recent relocation in New Martinsville.)

We’re very happy to report that we officially moved from the old site at 1020 3rd street up to the new location by the 911 center effective Friday, Feb. 15, at 11:30 a.m. The new location physical address is 20 Emergency Services Lane.

I know some of you were present Friday to observe and assist with the move. For those of you who weren’t present, you would have all been impressed had you been there to witness this undertaking. All of our on-duty personnel were out of the trailer by 0700 hours. The crew from AAA Homes arrived at the old site between 0700-0715 hours and began disconnecting all the utilities from the trailer and garage. This was accomplished within a half hour and by 0745 hours, they had lowered the trailer to ground level and were actually pulling it to the new site. Once at the new site, they not only had the trailer secured to the new, temporary, location behind the three-bay ambulance garage, but also had all utilities connected and we were back in operation by 1130 hours. While all of this was taking place, we were operating by radio and cell phones to respond to any ambulance calls.

We were so very, very impressed with how efficiently the employees of AAA Homes worked during this move. I would ask you all to express your positive comments to Jim Rice and his staff at AAA Homes for what they have accomplished for us so far during this transition. They obviously operate an outstanding, first class, business and I’m so happy they are apart of this project.

To Joyce Raper, our EMS Director, and her paid staff and volunteers, we say thank you for making this happen so quickly. Not only was the office trailer back in service by mid-morning Friday, but the equipment and supplies were all transferred to the new location Friday as well. By late Friday afternoon, all three ambulances were housed in the new garage.

Now, the next phase will be the construction of the main office building and training center. The concrete footer has been poured and the concrete blocks have been delivered to the new site for the basement of the new building. As soon as the concrete blocks have been laid, the new modular building will be placed on the foundation by AAA Homes. The modular building itself was delivered in December to the AAA Homes site and will be available to be placed on the foundation just as soon as the basement foundation is completed.

As part of the agreement with the firm Orion Development, who is the company who purchased our property located at 1020 3rd Street, they will continue to pay the rental expenses for the temporary trailer for the next two months. If for some unknown reason the new main office is not ready for us to use by that time, then we will begin paying the monthly rent or make other arrangements until the new building is ready to occupy. Once the building project is completed, landscaping will be completed as well.

We plan on having an open house during EMS Week in May so the public can come and visit the site and view our first class building facilities.

Just to fill you all in on this project, we were approached in October 2010 by the Orion Development firm about the possibility of purchasing our property located at 1020 3rd Street, New Martinsville. When it appeared this project may actually happen, we approached the Wetzel County Commission about obtaining some county property to relocate to. Obviously, the commission was in favor of the move and gave us a 99-year lease on the property located between the 911 center and Wetzel County Hospital. We want to let everyone know that without the cooperation from the Wetzel County Commission, this project may have never happened. The Board of Directors, Officers, and EMS Director would like to thank the Wetzel County Commission for all of their support on this project. Actually, Larry Lemon, newly appointed member of the Wetzel County Commission, helped us move some of the equipment to the new site.

Wetzel County Hospital also played a large part in this move. There wasn’t enough space to be able to lay out the garage and the main building together on the property provided by the Wetzel County Commission. Wetzel County EMS approached the Wetzel County Hospital Board Members, asking for permission to utilize some of the property promised to the hospital by the Commission. Graciously, the hospital board approved enough of their property to allow Wetzel County EMS to finalize the layout desired. Wetzel County EMS wishes to thank Brian Felici and the hospital board members for their


Wetzel County EMS would also like to thank Tim Haught, Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney, for providing legal advice throughout all of the negotiations and contract discussions for this entire project. We would also like to thank the Wetzel County EMS Board Members for their support and approvals for this project.

Lastly, but not certainly not without appreciation, the Wetzel County EMS Officers and EMS Director would like to thank our employees for their understanding and cooperation during this entire project.