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It’s Wrong, Even Criminal

By Staff | Feb 13, 2013

Perhaps it has been a felony charge in Wetzel County before, but we cannot recall a previous prosecution for parent authorizing sexual abuse of a child. That is exactly the charge and ensuing guilty plea that Wetzel County?Circuit Court resolved Feb. 6. (See story on page 5A)

We were surprised when we first saw that charge handed down by a grand jury, but pleased that all involved – from the jurors to law enforcement authorities to Prosecutor Timothy Haught — saw fit to bring such charges.

At times it seems our society doesn’t even see the wrongdoing involved with third degree sexual assault, more familiarly known as statutory rape. It is wrong and it is criminal.

We would hope that a parent would not allow such activity, but we’re glad that our courts are willing to step in and say it is wrong. . . in fact, criminal.