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It’s Election Season

By Staff | Oct 17, 2012

We think you’d probably have to be living in a cave to not realize it is election season. Early voting begins next week. Sample ballots are printed in this week’s paper edition, pages 8B and 9B. Now is the time to research the candidates. It’s also a good time review our political policy, below.

We have sent questionnaires to the candidates for Wetzel County Sheriff, Fifth Delegate District, and First Congressional District. Those responses will be printed in the Oct. 31 edition.

***Political Policy***

We will gladly publish (once) candidates’ announcements of their presence in a political race. These can include a picture of the candidate, some personal background, and the candidate’s platform, not to exceed 400 words. We will further profile each candidate in a more in depth/interview manner in the week or two preceding the election.

In order to give political newcomers a fair chance to run against incumbents, the Wetzel Chronicle will not publish photographs of politicians giving gifts or donations two weeks prior to the election. Further, we will not print political announcements such as the awarding of grants in that two week timeframe.

Letters to the editor endorsing candidates are welcome. However, in accordance with our Letters to the Editor policy, letters particularly naming an opposing candidate will not be accepted. All other Letters to the Editor rules will also apply. Letters of local endorsement will be given preference over state candidates. Letters to the Editor concerning elections will not be published during the two weeks prior to the election.

Political advertisements are welcome up until the election. They must include the name of the person or organization paying for the space and must be paid in advance.

For clarification of any of the above or for additional information, contact the Wetzel Chronicle at editor@wetzelchronicle.com, write to P.O. Box 289, New Martinsville, WV 26155, phone at 304-455-3300, or fax at 304-455-1275.