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An Entertainment Value

By Staff | Aug 15, 2012

You can’t get a much better deal for your entertainment dollar than Town and Country Days.

For an admission of only $8 attendees get stage entertainment, track events, and carnival rides. That doesn’t even include the access to agriculture, arts and crafts exhibits, vendors, concessions, visiting with friends and family, and more. No, it really doesn’t get much cheaper — especially not for the quality musical entertainment the fair offers.

Friday and Saturday’s stage acts of Edens Edge and Craig Campbell, respectively, give attendees the opportunity to say when hearing their songs on the radio now and in the future, “I saw them at Town and Country Days when they were just getting started. In fact, I was really close to the stage.” After all, there isn’t a bad seat at such a relatively small venue.

Not only can you see rising Nashville musicians, but on Tuesday country chart topper Confederate Railroad took the stage. And we have heard many people say they are excited to hear the musical expertise of Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper.

It really is a deal, so go to the fair!