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So Thankful

By Staff | Jul 3, 2012

All we can think of right now, in the aftermath of Friday’s storm and the weekend’s difficulties, is how we are so thankful.

We’re thankful that in Wetzel County injuries were kept to a minimum and there was no loss of life that we know of. Sure, there was certainly damage, but most of it was of the more minimal variety, really. Besides, for the most part material possessions can be replaced. Hopefully insurance will cover most monetary losses.

We are thankful for the hard work and kindness people have shown. Not only have emergency crews worked hard in adverse conditions, but neighbors are helping neighbors with everything from providing a meal, a helping hand, or even just a smile and listening ear.

Yes, we’re thankful for you — all of you. We’re thankful for our situation — even if it was and still is difficult for many. Overall, it really is bearable and we will recover. The rainbow that appeared after the storm seemed to tell us, immediately, that everything would be okay. . . and it will be.