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By Staff | Mar 28, 2012

As we reflect on this week’s issue of the Wetzel Chronicle and its various stories, we’re struck by how we are surrounded by heroes.

Tthere are two heroes who are actually given that title — Lt. Howard R. “Bob” Crothers who served our country in Vietnam and met his untimely death there and Billy Lynn?Cunningham who received the title of a History Hero for his work to make sure more people are remembered for their time on this earth through the WVGenWeb. These two men are truly heroes, but so are those who worked Monday to recover and assess a body discovered in the Ohio River and those who will analyze it to find clues to the man’s identity. Our local law enforcement officers in the various incident and court stories are heroes, as are the other officers of the court. Teachers, shelter supporters, fundraisers, and small business owners are heroes. The list could go on and on, but we think you get the idea.

Our community is full of heroes-with or without the paperwork to prove it. The proof is in our community and its vibrancy and heart. We’re proud to call this area home and thankful for our heroes, you make our world a much better place. Thanks.