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The Perfect Recipe

By Staff | Oct 26, 2011

Where can you get something good and hot to eat for only a quarter? At this Saturday’s Smoke On The Water Chili-Fest on Main Street in New Martinsville of course!

Sure, the 25-cent portion is a bit small, but it is after all only supposed to be one of many tastes of the warm concoctions attendees sample. Really, how can people be good judges for the Peoples Choice award without having an informed vote?

In our opinion the Chili-Fest is one of the many gems of Wetzel County. The event offers up the perfect juxtaposition of cooler weather and warmer food. The street-fair setting is friendly. The competition is in the right spirit. The events are plentiful. The Halloween costumes are adorable. And as previously mentioned, it’s all very affordable.

Now all that is needed is for some dry weather and good attendance. Only one of those factors is controllable, so we encourage all to take part in Saturday’s Chili-Fest if possible. We doubt you’ll regret it, especially if you have quarters in one pocket and antacids in the other.