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Pay Your Respects

By Staff | May 25, 2011

Recently, we’ve taken moments to recognize several individuals who serve our community on a regular basis, and have asked you to answer the call to do your part whether it be a food drive, town festival, neighborhood watch, or disaster cleanup. This week we encourage you to thank those who serve in ways we often time cannot even see or imagine: the countless men and women in the military. Furthermore, we ask you take time to remember those who lost their lives while protecting our country and freedom on this Memorial Day.

  It’s discouraging to realize that most of us won’t think much on the upcoming holiday. For many of us it’s a day off of work or an opportunity to grab wanted (or even unwanted) items at a great price during a weekend-long sale shrouded in red, white, and blue.

  While many hail it’s patriotic to stimulate the economy, we hope that during your shopping trip you’ll think on the purpose of the holiday. Thank a veteran you see along your way, or call up someone who’s served or who has lost a loved one in combat and express your gratitude for their service while you’re enjoying your afternoon off.