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Necessary Silences

By Staff | Apr 13, 2011

At the New Martinsville City Council meeting held April 4, many citizens expressed their frustrations and concerns with not being informed of the apparent slue of break-ins in our town. From those concerns the council scheduled an informational meeting with the Chief of Police to appease the community’s understandable requests.

After hearing from Chief Tim Cecil, we can now say we are informed of what’s happened, and what authorities are doing to keep our streets and homes safe. We also now understand why the police did not disclose information at the time of the incidents. It’s difficult to think of just how delicate such investigations can be, but as one citizen noted at the regular council meeting on April 4, leaked or false information hastily given out by law enforcement can damage an investigation, sometimes resulting in a case’s dismissal.

Instead of risking seeing criminals walk back into our homes, the police department took precautions to avoid such technicalities for the overall safety of our community. While we hate to admit that our town may not be as safe as we once thought, heed the advice of Police Chief Cecil at all times. Secure your home and your belongings, and phone authorities should you see or suspect any criminal behavior.

In the meantime we will let the police do their silent, but diligent, work.