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Doing Our Part

By Staff | Mar 30, 2011

In times of trouble or hardship, be it flood, fire, or famine, our community has always pulled together to make the best of the circumstance. Neighboring firefighters and other emergency personnel flee to a scene without hesitation once a call for help is heard. After all, this is their job and their service. Such helpful heroism is evident in many of the editions of the Wetzel Chronicle, including this one.

But even us more common members of the community chip in wherever able such as in food drives, soup kitchens, fund raisers, etc. In fact, our Community Calendar is busting with opportunities to help others. But this week we learned we can even help in the matters of crime. The West Virginia State Police openly attributed their success in locating the man responsible for the break-in at Simon’s Market to the information the public provided them. In a seemingly impossible search, a successful arrest was made.

While the ways in which we contribute to our society vary, each effort is significant.

We hope such efforts to do our part continue in Wetzel County. We may not wear uniforms or capes but it’s clear that we, too, can be heroes.