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An Unnecessary Expense

By Staff | Mar 9, 2011

We’re glad the Paden City Council tabled, for a second time, a motion to purchase a public address system for the council chambers. Not only is the item overpriced at almost $4,000, but it is not needed. The council chambers are small with fairly good acoustics. To our knowledge, there has never been any real problem for people with normal hearing ability to easily hear the goings on in the room.

Mayor Bill Fox said it is difficult to hear when people speak at the same time. We agree with resident Jana Turner that those are times when order needs to be restored, not times for the person with the microphone turned the highest to be heard.

The coal severance fund, where the money would come from, can be used for recreational projects. Would it not be better applied to Paden City’s wonderful city park? We think so. That way the town, particularly the part visible to visitors, would be enhanced. The improvements made could be enjoyed by the entire town, not just the handful who attend city council meetings.

This motion, in our opinion, needs to stay on the table or be voted down to resolve the issue. Small towns like Paden City certainly have bigger needs than PA systems in their intimate council chambers.