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A Different Plague

By Staff | Mar 2, 2011

The snow has melted and now eyes have turned to watching the Ohio River and area streams and creeks to look for any signs of flooding. Thankfully the river prediction has been lowered to an easily acceptable level.

But our eyes were caught by a different sort of flood this week–the flood of litter along our area’s highways. The pristine white snow has melted, revealing ugly trash on our roads’ borders.

Without any spring vegetation to cover the sins of many, the cans, bottles, cups, and the like are a blight on our beautiful West Virginia landscape.

It is inconceivable to us how anyone can have the audacity to simply discard trash out their vehicle’s window. How could anyone think that is acceptable? But evidently many do, evidenced by the litter they have left behind.

What do you think will happen to that trash. . . that it will magically disappear? It won’t, unless you consider the local groups and individuals who care enough to volunteer their time and risk their lives along dangerous roads to pick up the trash to be magicians. They are not. They are good Samaritans who do the good work that should be unnecessary.