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Thank You

By Staff | Feb 9, 2011

We couldn’t agree more with West Virginia State Police Corporal C. Lantz that the response and apprehension of a suspected bank robber Monday was a terrific example of cooperation among emergency entities.

Not only did the law enforcement agents do a great job that culminated in an arrest, but the 911 dispatchers were instrumental in effectively and quickly spreading the word to keep a look out for a suspect of a certain description.

The quick action worked and a suspect is in custody. Also, all of the money taken from the Pine Grove branch of WesBanco was recovered.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is working with Lantz on the case to make sure justice is served and we are so thankful that it appears this case, possibly the first ever bank robbery in Wetzel County, will be prosecuted.

Too often the law enforcement officers in our area are the subject of criticism or even ridicule, but Monday’s example shows that they are working to keep the area’s citizens safe and the area as free from crime as possible.

Thank you for your hard work, diligence, and willingness to put yourself in harm’s way to keep us safe and maintain law and order.

You probably don’t hear it enough, but you are appreciated and your work is recognized.

Thank you.