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History Repeating?

By Staff | Nov 20, 2008

It seems, that although today we are not technically in the midst of a “Great Depression”, we have as a nation fallen on very hard times. Was President Franklin D. Roosevelt right in moving Thanksgiving Day to essentially promote economic growth? Should we, as a nation, consider such seemingly trivial, simple ideas to help improve our financial situation? These are problems and questions that have been passed off to high political officials, economic advisors, and our president-elect and his new administration, even though they are problems that affect the every-day ordinary people who make this nation work.

So when you are rushing through the doors of Wal-Mart on black friday to grab the best and biggest sales that you absolutely will not find anywhere else, don’t think about how many people are running ahead of you or how hard you are trying to stay on your own two feet, think of President Roosevelt and the reason why Thanksgiving sometimes is early and sometimes is late. Because at that moment you will be doing exactly what President Roosevelt wanted, no matter if it’s on the third Friday of November or the fourth Friday of November. . . you’ll be boosting the nation’s economy.