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Avid Readers

By Staff | Nov 12, 2008

Shawn and Calvin Shepard, the son and grandson of Charles and Betty Shepard of New Martinsville, took this snapshot while entering Utah on route to Park City, Utah in October. Calvin recently graduated from college in Outdoor Sports Management from Garrett College, near WVU, and was moving to this heavy resort area to pursue employment opportunities in his field of study. Note Shawn's WVU hat and jacket. He's a WVU alumni, avid Mountaineer fan and a long time subscriber to the Wetzel Chronicle currently living in Atlanta, GA.

We appreciate receiving the photos of our readers enjoying the Wetzel Chronicle. Unfortunately we haven’t had much room lately to print very many of them and they’re piling up! If you haven’t seen your photo yet, please be patient, we will do our best to print several in the coming weeks.