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Happy Safe Halloween

By Staff | Oct 29, 2008

As little ghosts and goblins take to the sidewalks and the streets this week, please proceed with caution and follow these safety tips:

–Drivers need to be particularly careful at dusk and when driving over a hill or around a curve, where visibility is limited.

–Trick or treaters should always be accompanied by an adult or travel in a group.

–Children should be told not to eat any unwrapped candy or treats until they return home where parents can see them.

–Parents should incorporate reflective tape or glow sticks in costumes or add bright colors to increase visibility.

–Make-up rather than masks should be worn to help ensure that children have an unobstructed view of their surroundings.

–Trick or treaters should always cross at corners and look both ways before crossing.

–Children should stay on the sidewalk or if none is available, walk facing the line of traffic and they should carry a flashlight.

–Homeowners should clear their yards of anything that can be tripped over and have a light on. Also, keep open flames far away from costumes.