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Fuzzy Votes For The First Time

By Chuck Clegg - | Nov 4, 2020

Fuzzy votes for the first time.

On the 21st of October, I along with Mary and Fuzzy voted in the national election. For Fuzzy, it was his very first time inside a voting booth. Before that day, Fuzzy had been relegated to a life of mundane task such as cleaning ears or applying makeup. Out of a box of hundreds, I selected Fuzzy to accompany me into the voter’s booth for one of the most important duties I have as a citizen. His job on that day was to select the correct candidate for each office. I will have to say Fuzzy did an excellent job and I was proud to give him my “I Voted Today” sticker.

By now, you are probably wondering what the heck is this guy writing about this week. Fuzzy voting? Let me begin by saying many things about 2020 have been very different. The pandemic has changed all our lives in ways we never thought possible, including casting your vote. As to the question of who is Fuzzy? Well, he is the Q-Tip selected from a container to assist me in voting. Fuzzy’s job was to do the touching of the screen to select a candidate. I will have to say I was very impressed by his knowledge of the candidates and his choices. In fact, they are the same choices I would have made under normal voting conditions. I’m predicting that this may be the only time in my life, that I will need the assistance of Fuzzy to vote.

In all likelihood, when you are reading this column we will know who won the different contests for public offices, but not all. For myself and Fuzzy we hope that the selection will be clear and undisputable. We hope the winner has the popular vote and the Electoral College vote. If there is a question between the two, the court will make the decision. This election needs to be very clear as too whom the American people want to lead this country in the coming years. Without a doubt the most important answer will be, who is the President, Donald Trump or Joe Biden. I will have to say Fuzzy took a few minutes to look over the ballot before he selected a name. Fuzzy realizes that other Q-Tips were selected that day and used to touch the screen. And each of his fellow Q-Tips made choices that will have consequences for us all.

Fuzzy asked if I knew what each candidate had to say about the issues that are important. I told him that I had lost confidence in television commercials that should have told the candidates’ views on important subjects. Most commercials did not speak to what the candidate wanted to do in the job if they won. Instead, they seemed to focus on saying half-truths and degrading their opponent. Sometimes, the two candidates for office ran back to back ads and they appeared to be on the opposite ends of reality. Some commercials selected pieces of sentences said by a candidate which gave a distorted version of what was really said. None of them seemed to say what they were going to do about even one subject clearly and precisely. Fuzzy wondered before selecting a candidate, “Wil this person really put our interest ahead of their own? Will this person stand up for what is right for everyone, and not make that decision on whether a person is identified with a red or blue candidate? Will this person be able to find compromise when dealing with issues important to us all? If they can’t work with the other side, will anything get done?” I told Fuzzy that all we can do is try and get a since of the person from what we know about them, both today and in their past. A man I knew from a long time ago, Joe McCaskey said something I still remember. These may not be his exact words, but it is the idea of his words as I remember them. Old political dogs don’t change their spots. They just roll over so you see the side they want you to rub.

After Fuzzy and I finished voting, he commented on how nice the people were that assisted us that day. The two gentlemen who provided security for the court house were efficient and attentive in bringing people inside to vote. Once inside, the ladies and young man were very helpful in getting us into a voting booth after selecting our Q-Tip assistant. All those working inside the court house that first day of in person voting, had a welcoming smile on a very busy day. Mary and I along with Fuzzy voted late in the day. I wondered…did Mary’s Q-Tip voting assistant tell her their name? She told me her Q-tip was somewhere in the bottom of her purse. It is now in the land of the lost. And yes, if you are wondering, Mary thinks I am a little strange in my writings. But then again, this year has been a little different for us all, including Fuzzy.

My column this week is meant to bring a little humor into this year of unforgettable political and health concerns. If you are like Mary, Fuzzy and me, we hope the world will begin to return to normal with the election being completed and a vaccine for the coronavirus soon to be available.

There are so many things about this year that none of us have experienced in our lifetimes. And when it comes to someday explaining to my great-grand children what I remember about this unusual year, I guess I will have to tell them, I never in my life believed I would need a Q-Tip to vote for a president. Especially with a Q-Tip named Fuzzy. We voted, and we hope you also took the time to participate in one of the most important things we can do to keep our country strong and free.

If you didn’t vote, then you don’t have the right to complain about how the election turned out. Oh yes, one more very important thing before I end my column. Fuzzy hopes the final results of the election will allow his friend to be able to cut his hair as we all look towards a bright future Through the Lens.