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Improvements to 4-H Camp

By Staff | Aug 12, 2020

New bleachers are being installed at the Wetzel County 4-H Camp.

The Wetzel County 4-H grounds have hosted public and private events for as long as most people in the area can remember. Perhaps the most well-known of these events is the annual Town and Country Days Fair held each August. This event was first held back in the 60’s at New Martinsville’s Bruce Park. With the popularity of the event and its growth, it was moved to the 4-H grounds, where it remains to this day.

The 4-H grounds are under the care of the Wetzel County Commission. They strive to have an ongoing goal of improvements to the grounds to accommodate events held throughout the year. They have overseen construction of buildings and centers for entertainment. These expansions and improvements have helped to accommodate larger crowds each year at a variety of events.

Recently the commission has under taken the replacement of the bleachers near the track area. The existing bleachers have given spectators a place to view dirt bike racing along with an assortment of other popular motorized events for many years. The commission evaluated the bleachers and determined they had served their purpose and it was time to upgrade and replace them with modern bleachers. After a proposal for extent of work, along with cost was received, approval was awarded to Buckeye Mechanical Contracting out of Toronto, Ohio. The task of removing the old bleachers and replacing them with new aluminum seating began in July. The new bleachers will increase seating capacity for spectators by 300 to a total of 1200. Along with the increased regular seating capacity, a concrete area has been designed and built to accommodate those with disabilities. The area has been constructed within the guidelines established by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). In the future all visitors to the track area that need the assistance of a wheel chairs will find it easier to access the area and enjoy the events. The commission is very pleased to add these improvements to the grounds.

The new bleachers and viewing area was scheduled to be completed by August 1 in order to be ready for this year’s Town and Country Days event. But, with this year’s fair canceled for public safety during the pandemic, the completion date has been revised to August 7.

The Wetzel County Commission strives to continually improve the 4-H Camp Grounds for the ongoing benefit of Wetzel County’s citizens. They are confident when the fair returns next year, those in attendance using the new bleacher area will further enjoy their time at the annual event as they look Through the Lens.