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Through The Lens: Wish of the Dandelions

By Staff | Apr 21, 2020

Our stay at home lifestyle due to the virus gives us a chance to enjoy the greening of this season’s trees and plants. For many of us, this time of year also brings on the yearly battle with allergies. Pollen from trees and grasses causes the unpleasantness of sneezing and coughs. Each time you sneeze or cough people look at you as if you had the flu. If you are like me, I quickly explain I only have allergies.

I enjoy watching the fields begin to fill with the grasses of summer. In just a few weeks they will be swaying in the warm May breezes. Their life of enjoying the warm sun will be short lived as they wait for the bailing machine of early summer. Those grasses gentle movements remind me of the waves on distant oceans.

Last weekend, I stepped out and looked towards the fields in front of our home. I noticed the meadow had begun to take on a bright yellow color in the morning sun. Summer is still weeks away, but spring flowers still reminds me the earth is renewing its self for another season of growth.

For a few days, dandelions that are maligned and cursed by some, brings Mother Nature’s beauty to the world. As I walked among the flowers, the hum of bees can be heard as they make frequent visits to the yellow blossoms. I enjoy watching the bees go about their endless work. It is fascinating how they visit each flower, gathering nectar and pollen. These tiny creatures unknowingly pollenating the flowers for next year’s world. As they perform this wondrous task, they take little notice of the trouble we humans have around us today, or in the future.

The bounty of the yellow flowers seems to last only a few days in the bright sunlight. And as quickly as the flowers appeared, they fade and the fields are once again left green in color. That is for a few days before white balls of seeds appear. For the next few days no matter how much the breeze blows, the fluffy balls hold fast to their seed. Then right on cue a sudden breeze carries the seeds away to begin the next season’s flowers.

A dandelion flower is a simple thing, it brings beauty and a sense of pleasure to all those who see them. It does not know or even understand why it is so brightly colored. This bright yellow miracle of nature is why the meadows will once again next spring be filled with color for us all to enjoy.

Perhaps now, you will understand why I appreciate the return of the dandelion. But there is one other reason I look forward to the flowers return. Each year I go into the fields and look for the biggest dandelion seed ball I can find. I pick just the right one, close my eyes and make a wish. It is said you should not tell your wish. But, among friends I think it is okay for me to reveal this year’s. My wish, for each seed that floats away on the wind, there will be one less day ahead of us until the virus has faded. Now, if each one of you would do the same, maybe our world will quickly return to normal as we look Through the Lens.