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Through The Lens: I Need Your Help

By Staff | Apr 14, 2020

Dr. Joseph M. Ballouz, 266 Cubic Inch Hyrodplane Acking Tooth

For several months I have been researching our community’s history in regards to subjects that I have an interest in writing about. Now, here’s the part where I need your help.

Since we all are self-confined for a while, I am asking you to spend some of that time looking through your old family photo albums. First, I am looking for pictures of local boat races over the last 82 years along with pictures of the early yacht club. I am very much interested in forgotten pictures taken in the 1930’s, 40’s ’50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Hopefully, you may discover some pictures of early race boats, drivers, and families viewing the races. I’m also looking for pictures of the high school track when it was used to park campers and boats during regatta weekend.

Additionally, I am searching for pictures of Bruce Pool, Brooklyn wading pool, and the carnivals that set up each summer in Brooklyn. Also, there are a couple more places I would like to find pictures of, The Cabbage Patch store and gas station and the slab that once crossed Fishing Creek. Both places were at one time just past the Wetzel County 4-H camp. After this period of self-isolation ends, I am going to publish in my column a time and day when I will be at the library to scan and copy any pictures or information you are willing to share. The boat race information will be part of a vintage program I am working on for this June’s program. The other pictures are for stories I hope to write later this year. My goal is to try and preserve some local history from my youth and make it available for future generations. But in order to save some of our history, I need the community’s help. I hope to hear from you and stay well.