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Songs of Summer

By Staff | Feb 18, 2020

If you were passing by the Lincoln Theater last Saturday night you would have heard the sounds of Beach Boy music. And you would have been correct in recognizing the music of the popular 60s group coming from inside the theater. But the music was being played by a group of talented musicians that call themselves, “Sounds of Summer”

The large gathering of music lovers were treated to most every song the Beach Boys ever recorded. The original group began its rise to music stardom in the early sixties by singing what became known as the California sound. Surfing songs and beach music were the subjects from most of their songs. Towards the end of the sixties a changing musical sound and health problems of Brian Wilson changed the future of the group. It is well known that Wilson’s musical skills helped to create the unique California sound of the Beach Boys.

The Sounds of Summer is a tribute band that comes from Indiana. They are a nationally known band that tours the country bringing the sound to all the fans who love the music of the Beach Boys.