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Senior Time Capsule Letters

By Staff | Jun 15, 2016

The stories in my column for the next couple of weeks have been written by Wetzel County’s 2016 graduates. Reading the letters, I hope you realize these young people see the world as a place they have not yet become part of. They feel the hopes of the future, and they also realize there will be frustrations as they enter life outside the classroom for the first time. They possess something most of us once had – in abundance, hope and honesty. I find that ideal refreshing. I hope they can hold on to it as they venture out into ever changing world. First is a letter from Magnolia’s, Zach Haught:


Hello, this is Zach Haught. I am a 2016 graduate from Magnolia High School. I spent 4 great years at Magnolia. It was a time to remember. I am going out on a limb here by saying this, but when this class gets to college, and after, we’ll be the most successful class, not even you will beat us.

Magnolia was a two level high school on Maple Avenue. All the classrooms were on the right side, bell in the commons, no actual cafeteria. A lot of advancements were being made in my time. We had 4 computer labs, all of them had flat screen monitors. In every classroom we watched the announcements on an old box TV that didn’t work half of the time. It’s 2016 and they are just now replacing them with flat screens. We went through a transition of getting a lot of new teachers, most of the others retired. The gym actually got writing on the walls and new lights. It started to look like a gym. These lights you can flick on and off. Before you had to wait for them to warm up. And once they went off, it was basically off for a while.

I mentioned some teachers retiring and leaving, and it was probably because the Class of 2016 was a bunch of goons. We also tragically lost a teacher, which is who the Media Center is dedicated too. (Mr. Lemasters)

Now, that may sound weird, we were defiantly goons, but about 60-70 out of 120 graduated with honors. I’m not sure how it will be when you’re reading this, but high school definitely had its cliques. You had “the jocks”, “the band and musical”, the rednecks’, the kids they didn’t do much and then my favorite, “The Maniacs.” Believe it or not, but the jocks were actually smart. Not sure why dumb jocks was a phrase in the day. The Maniacs was the student section. It was my favorite because every social group came together and had fun together. Not to mention we had the student section in the state four years in a row. It was always fun watching their themes, hearing the ruthless chants, and always having them storm the courts, field, whatever it was. Of course it is easy to have a good student section when your sports dominates. Football made deep runs in the playoff’s every year, finally winning it again my senior year.

The baseball team went to state every year as well. We won it all my junior year in 2015. The volleyball team went to Charleston every year as well. Girls’ basketball lost in regionals to St. Mary’s every year I believe. The softball team made a deep run, and the baseball team got runner-up freshman year. The Maniacs were there for it all. We also had boys’ and girls’ soccer, archery, girl’s tennis and pickup games of whatever after school.

Social media was a thing, still is. The main is Twitter and Instagram. The parents all have Facebook. There are other ones out there, but I’m not sure of the name, because I don’t have them. After athletic events, before too, really, you can find crap-talking and the famous “Twitter fights” on social media. It’s almost like the thing to do. High school was fun. It sure was for a learning experience. The freshman come scared and leave happily.

No matter what, I liked Magnolia, and I liked the town it’s in. Am I happy to leave? Yes, I want bigger things like college and such, but I may be back. There wasn’t much after.

The basketball games where we packed the gym. The fires we had. Camping out for scheduling. (Fires refer to fire pit the kids sat around waiting to schedule class for the next semester) We drove around, went to rope swings. We found all kind of stuff to do in this small town at all hours of the night. Our parents didn’t worry much, because they knew we were safe. It’s not a scary or dangerous place to be. That is why everyone loves it.

I’m glad to explain what high school was like in my time, I hope you enjoyed the read. I hope you guys continue to do this because it is really cool to learn how things have changed. Zach Haught