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Good News

By Staff | Mar 30, 2011

We are bombarded by a world of news that often is categorized as bad. News stories we read, hear or see reflect troubling events surrounding each of us.

Recently the news has been dominated by the terrible events in Japan. Mother Nature moved the land and the ripple effects were felt far beyond the small island nation.

Economic markets reacted to the events as the stories of destruction filled the news. Today, we can instantly see events happening on the far side of the world. Millions watched as the Pacific Ocean rose up to form a Tsunami that washed away the damage of the earthquake to leave only greater destruction. In its wake, thousands were lost to the 23 foot wall of water created by the oceans surge.

As if that were not enough, on going problems at the damaged nuclear power plant still creates invisible danger to the area surrounding the stricken facility. Radiation has risen high into the atmosphere where it will eventually circle the globe. Health officials tell us it is far below any danger level that could cause physical injury to any of us half a world away.

In the Middle East the price of oil has increased as unrest in countries spreads. Gas prices have risen as we watch live the fighting in the desert Arab countries.

Once again, American soldiers are being called on to … well I am not sure why, protect our country or the citizens of Libya or the oil that supplies gas to our cars.

The one thing I do know is the brave men and women of the armed forces will serve their country with honor, even at grave personal cost when asked too.

  Soldiers are still serving and dying in two conflicts in far distant places. The battle with Islamic terrorists has been long and costly for America soldiers, their families and our country. The news of their heroic service is no longer head line news; it is a story on the back pages. Even when a soldier is injured or loses his/her life, it is lost in the other bad news of the day.

For the families of the fallen, there is no other news that terrible day. The national news has chosen to look away from those stories to the ones we can now watch live on TV. As they tell of Charlie Sheen released from his sitcom, a serviceman’s family receives devastating news and no major news network tells the story.

The price we pay for gas, foods, utility bills and medical costs seem to be on a constant upward spiral in the changing world around us. I began to wonder if somewhere in the world there was some good news I could experience.

I decided to try and find a good news story not in the daily headlines. I typed into my computer’s search engine: “Good News”. The first site that came up was called “Good News.” I clicked on the site and it asked me to subscribe to the site for a monthly fee.

Pay for good news? That was not the kind of news I was looking for when I started my search. Apparently good news is such a valuable asset you have to subscribe to the site to see it. I chose not to enter my information in this site and I did not get any good news.

After some searching, I found a site with a list of stories called Good News Daily. It told of a Texas man who received the first full face transplant in the US. in an accident with a power line he sustained terrible disfiguring injuries.

His face was destroyed along with his eye site in the incident. In a surgery performed by military doctors he received the face of an unknown donor during his fifteen hour operation.

How can this be good news? One man has been terrible disfigured and another lost their life?

The next story told of students that go to school each day hungry. Can this be true that in one of the greatest nations in the world, children are hungry in American schools?

The story told that 11.6 million school children are served breakfast before school in our country. Can such a statistic be good news for our children?

Another headline told of scientist creating anti-matter. At the European Nuclear Research Center, a scientist created 38 atoms of anti-matter and it lasted for one sixth of a second.

How can this be good news, it did not last long enough for the average human to count to 38. A star-ship could not travel very far on 38 atoms of anti-matter, nor could a power generator produce electric that is safe and abundant for our world.

Finally, there is the discovery of a black hole in a distant galaxy. Thirty million light years from earth astronomers found a black-hole, personally I did not realize we had lost one. Without a supply of anti-matter to fuel a space ship how can have a chance of visiting this newly discovered area of space. If we can not go how can this be good news?

I thought about it for a short time and finally I realized that the stories were about hope.

Astronomers hope that discoveries such as the black hole will help to better understand the vast worlds beyond our own. To better understand distant worlds may someday give us the ability to travel to places beyond our dreams.

The scientist in Europe hopes the discovery of a way to create anti-matter may be the first step in answering the important question of endless clean power for our world in the future.

The children who will inherit our future world are being cared for by teachers who try and make a difference in children’s lives every day.

For a hungry child, they can be their only hope for a daily meal. Teachers are expected to educate because it is their job.

But in today’s world they must deal with homelessness, hunger, drugs and a national drop out rate of nearly 30 percent. Their college education did not necessary prepare them for the world in which they find themselves today. Teachers provide hope for our children even it is only a peanut butter sandwich. 

And for the man whose face was lost, he has second chance, thanks to an unknown donor. For future disfigured soldiers it will give military doctors the opportunity to use this new surgical technique to make a difference for badly injured service men and women. This could be a chance for hope in their shattered lives after returning home from forgotten wars. The man in Texas now has a chance to smile and once again feel his daughter’s kisses on his face to bring hope in his dark world.