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Leasure to Celebrate Golden Anniversary

By Staff | Oct 13, 2021

Robert F. E. Leasure and Deborah Anne (Moore) Leasure would like to announce that they will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on October 16th.

They were married October 16th, 1971 and have enjoyed many years of being blessed.

They plan to just enjoy the day at home this year as a way to celebrate their anniversary differently than most years. No, dinner and a movie. No jewelry. No party. They usually celebrate by going out to dinner or take-in a movie; and some years buy each other gifts or some years have had their children give them a party.

The couple went to Disney World on their 40th anniversary with their daughter’s family. But this year they thought of different ways to celebrate their 50th and they decided to just sit back and relax and be thankful for all that they have been blessed with.

The couple have been blessed with four children, (Robert, Chad, Bridget and Zachary), nine grand-children, (Mackenzie, Skyler, Riley and Parker – Chad’s sons), (Gracie and Caitie Lowers – Bridget’s daughters) and (Benjamin, Rowyn and Arabella – Zac’s two sons and daughter). Also, two great-grandchildren, (Rhett and Camryn Leasure – Mackenzie’s children).

Their family is their most treasured blessings. They have lived 0n a farm near Conaway Lake at Alma, WV for the last forty-two years where they have enjoyed watching their family grow along with their garden.

This year they will just reflect on their many years of memories they have enjoyed for the long haul. Bob was asked what he attributed to their successful marriage and he said it was simple and for him he had to learn two words early on, “Yes Dear.” Debbie was asked the same question and she said she could sum it up with just one word, “Patience.”

Bob also added for this year like several others he might just cook for Debbie, her favorite dinner, Spaghetti and Meatballs w/ garlic bread.

When they don’t go out for dinner and a movie, Debbie usually cooks for Bob, his favorite, Baked deer steak, mashed potatoes and gravy with green beans, all from their garden. Or they might just sit on the back porch. and think about their first date. They saw, “With Six You Get Eggroll” at The Gaslight Theatre in Sistersville and got a pizza at the original PJ’s.