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Coen’s Special Gift

By Staff | May 3, 2017
Photos Provided Bob Coen
The smoke house Bob Coen built. Coen allowed students to smoke their hams and bacons here.

Bob Coen recently received a special gift on April 22, his 80th birthday. Valley High School students, who are a part of Pine Grove FFA, presented Coen with his very own FFA jacket.

The gift was given to Coen as a token of appreciation for Coen’s 39 years of volunteer service to the FFA.

When Coen first began his volunteer work, he smoked the hams and bacons at his house, where he had built a smoke house. Coen is at the school just about everyday, helping the teacher and kids, and he truly loves what he does.

“Not many people would volunteer like my brother has,” noted his sister, Carol Starkey. “He is to be commended for this.”