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Park Car Wash: We want your dirt!

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Oct 13, 2021

The Park Laundromat & Car Wash, located across from the Bruce Park Baseball Field at the corner of McEldowney and Front St. in New Martinsville, has served the area for many years. It was originally the Kimble’s Car Wash/Laundromat, with the laundromat located in the basement of the car wash. After flooding, the laundromat was moved to an adjacent building at a higher elevation, as was the car wash.

Previous owners included the Kimble’s who opened the business, Joe Mollendick who sold it to David & Mary Jane Moser, and current owners Diana Kline-Powell and Donna Kline who purchased the business in 2005 from the Moser’s.

Where else can you go and wash/vacuum your car and wash your laundry at the same location?

Co-owner and operator Diana Kline-Powell said, “we are the area’s leading laundromat and car wash combo serving Wetzel County and New Martinsville. We specialize in 30, 35, 40-pound machines. We have made many upgrades through the years to both the car wash and laundromat to serve our customers better.”

“Our motto is, ‘We want your dirt!'”, said Kline-Powell. “We operate four self-serve large bays with high pressure service to clean your car and two high suction vacuum machines to get the inside of your vehicle clean.” Three of the bays accept credit cards, but the laundromat does not; the machines are coin operated washers and dryers.

The laundromat also offers folding tables, laundry detergent machines, a cold drink vending machine, a television, air conditioning and ceiling fans to keep the place comfortable while you wait for your laundry. There are many chairs available for customers and their children to sit and wait.

The hours for the Park Laundromat & Car Wash are daily Monday-Sunday 6:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. The last load of laundry cannot go in after 9:30 p.m. Their phone number is 304-771-4111.

The Park Car Wash and Laundromat has been met with good reviews, rated at 4.2 out of 5 on Google Reviews. One satisfied customer gave the laundromat five stars, saying, “Good clean place. Good prices to do laundry. First laundromat I been to that had a table and chairs for kids only. My kids sat there and played with their toys. When I need to go to a laundromat again, I will go here.”