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Council Updated on ITI-Google

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Oct 13, 2021

The New Martinsville City Council met in a regularly scheduled meeting Monday evening, October 4, 2021, at the Municipal Building to discuss agenda items. Pastor Bruce Taylor delivered the invocation followed by Councilman Joel Potts leading in the Pledge of Allegiance. All council members were present. Mayor Sandy Hunt called the session to order and entertained a motion of previous meetings minutes.

Previous minutes from the September 2021 meeting were given unanimous approval by council, as well as the City invoices and financial reports as reported by Councilwoman Iris Isaacs.

Mayor Hunt proclaimed the month of October as Domestic Violence Awareness month which was given unanimous approval from council.

Sharon Campbell, Executive Director of Wetzel/Tyler Chamber of Commerce, and Holly Morgan, President and Executive Director of the Wetzel County Convention and Visitors Bureau, presented a video from ITI-Google on how to market, including things that our community has to offer to visitors. They both spoke on bringing more business and tourism to our community, showcasing what is available in our town through the website. The site offers up to 2000 businesses, events, and dates on one site to use for the community. Council agreed with Mayor Hunt, Campbell, and Morgan that it would be a big boost to New Martinsville.

Councilman Steve Pallisco spoke about the cat’s nuisance in our town, singling out AAA community having the most complaints voiced at this time. The citizens say that they are fed up with the loose cats running around their neighborhood destroying plants, cars, and urinating everywhere throughout the area and the owners not doing anything. The multiplying number of cats and controlling them was another issue brought up. Pallisco went on to say that there is no city ordinance in place for cats, only dogs, and something needs to change. He will be getting our local State Representatives involved in helping find a solution to this problem that has been going on in his 19 years as councilman.

Councilman Potts motioned to approve body cameras for all police officers in the Police Department being funded by the American Rescue Plan. The motion was granted by a unanimous vote by council.

Sergeant Friend Estep presented Matthew Walker with a certificate for promotion to Sergeant; Walker passed all the civil service tests required for the position.

Councilman Joe Smith said that he personally wanted to thank everyone involved making the 911 ceremony a success. Mayor Hunt and council thanked Smith for working many extra hours putting it together. Pallisco also thanked all involved with making the 2021 Regatta a success this year.

Councilman Jeff Geiseke reported that the Hydro repairs and updates are finishing up and the monitoring will be in place. He also mentioned that the Hydro Plant is currently looking to hire a Plant Administrator Assistant.

Councilwoman Isaacs motioned to approve an updated Covid policy for all city workers. The employees must show proof of being fully vaccinated two weeks prior to not having to use a face covering while on the job. Those unvaccinated will be tested weekly and if they do not comply, it could result in a discharge. Council unanimously approved the updated policy, as well as a new building permit fee for dilapidated buildings by a unanimous vote.