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Moose Lodge 931 a Leader in Scholarships

By Rich Erlewine and Chuck Clegg - | Sep 8, 2021

Moose holds drawing and pizza party

Over the years, changing times and progress has given the lodge many opportunities to help the community. The lodge has given help and assistance to those in need and asked no recognition for their community benevolence. One of those programs began in 1991 and has been a source of assistance for many local students who plan to further their education in college. That help comes from the Moose Scholarship programs.

Recently at the West Virginia Moose Association convention in Huntington, chairman of the local lodge scholarship committee, Rich Erlewine took part in the selection process for this year’s scholarships. Once an application has been submitted, it joins others from around the state and a random drawing is held.

This year’s winners are: Audrey Faith Baker, Karlee A. Baker, Trevor Williams and Faith Yoho all from Magnolia High School. Taylor Haught from Weirton High School, Luke Marsh from Wheeling Park High School. Josie Reed and Ian Wohnhas both from River High School. Gunner Stillwagoner from Valley High School. Tor Winland from North Catholic High School. This year’s applicants were submitted by local students whose parents, grandparents or legal guardians are members of the Moose

The West Virginia Moose Association presents four scholarships each year and two of those were won by New Martinsville Moose Lodge students, Joy Mia Lin, from Magnolia and Garrett Colvin, from Parkersburg High School.

The New Martinsville Moose Lodge also presents three $1000 Scholarships annually. This year’s winners were, Kyra Dalton, Landen Conner, both of Magnolia High School. Also Emily Smith of River High School was selected.

On August 18th the local lodge sponsored a pizza party held for the thirty-two students who applied for scholarships this year. Parents and Grandparents were also invited to attend. Power Country 104 with radio host, Carmen Harman broadcast the drawing of winners and the evenings events live on the air.

The awarding of scholarships is an annual event sponsored by the Moose lodge. Rich reminded radio listeners that applications for next year’s scholarships will be available to lodge members in January 2022. Applicants must meet GPA guidelines to be eligible to apply. A 3.0 cumulative GPA is required for the Heart of the Community Scholarship. State and local applications for scholarships awarded must have a GPA of 2.5. All applicants must have, parents, grandparents or legal guardians who are members of the Loyal Order of the Moose.

Drawings for next year’s scholarships will be held in August. It is important to note that the number of scholarships awarded is dependent on the number of applications submitted by the local lodge. The more applications, the more scholarships that can be awarded to the schools in the area.

The Loyal Order of the Moose prides itself on being a family fraternity. That is evident in a place that supports children who have lost parents or have nowhere else to go. That place is called Moose Heart and is located in Illinois forty miles west of Chicago. It also prides itself on a retirement Home in Orange Park, Florida for Moose members 65 years of age and older.

Since 1991 local high schools have benefited greatly from the scholarship programs sponsored by the Moose. Since its beginnings, it has awarded $181,000 to 26 different school’s graduating seniors. After this year’s awards were selected by random drawing, the total scholarship support has grown to $196,000.

We as a community, sometimes forget that New Martinsville and the surrounding towns have played a big part in awarding monies to help students go on to college or technical schools. These actions are what makes the area a great place to live and raise families. The New Martinsville Moose Lodge 931 has been part of that community benevolence for 109 years as I see it Through the Lens. Since 1912 a local organization has been a strong member of our community, Moose Lodge 931. It has been a part of the community for so long, most people take it for granted as just being a building on North Street. Over those years, thousands of men and now women have been part of the lodge’s membership. If I were to ask most people in the area what is the Moose lodge and what does it do, what might their answers be? Some would say a private club where people go to relax, play a little cards and watch their favorite teams on television. A guys place to get away from home or the winter doldrums. That would be true for some. But that is far from the story of the New Martinsville lodge.