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Chamber Donates $3000 To Promote County

By Staff | Jun 16, 2021

Chamber President, Tina Rush, and Board Member, Adam Pendleton, present a donation to Jae. C. Lehew.

The Wetzel-Tyler Chamber of Commerce received a request from the Friends of Wetzel County and the Blueprint Commission to provide support for their plan to promote the business and tourism assets in Wetzel County. One of the members of that group, Steve Hunt of S&S Diamonds and Fine Jewelry attended the Chamber’s May Executive Committee Meeting to outline the plans his organization were working on to help promote region.

The plan involved producing several advertisements that will be broadcast around the region on local television stations. They plan he outline is to highlight some of the unique shopping and dining location available in the New Martinsville area as well as some of the tourism options spread across the county. Working with local media outlets, the plan is to have 100 ads per month for an entire year targeted at bringing people from some of the surrounding area to come spend money in our community.

At the Chamber’s June Executive Committee meeting, The Wetzel-Tyler Chamber presented a check for $3000 to Jae C. Lehew, daughter of Steve Hunt, to help enable the Friends of Wetzel County to proceed with the planned promotion.