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Hundred seeks grant for new sidewalks

By Staff | May 26, 2021

Mayor Chip Goff of Hundred is doing everything he can think of to help secure a grant for new sidewalks. His wife Becky is helping him and has been working with Terradon ( Civil Engineers ). Becky did the intent to apply through WV DOH Grants and Hundred is eligible for new sidewalks along US RT 250 and WV Rt 69 which covers their mainstreet of Rt 250 and downtown area along WV Rt 69. The engineers are confident they can help Hundred get the grant and have estimated it would cost $300,000 for Planning and Construction. Hundred Town Council passed a Resolution at their last Council Meeting on May 17, 2021 to allow Mayor Goff to apply for the grant. This will be a 80/20 match grant and the community will be responsible for the 20% of the funding. Goff has also been in touch with The Wetzel County Commissioners about this project and Johanna Lemasters, member of Town Council will meet with the Commissioners on Tuesday May 25th, 2021 to ask for the 20% funding ( $60,000) as Hundred gets ready to finish grant and submit it in early June.

In other news; The Town has submitted property evaluations of vacant/dilapidated structures to WVU Bad Buildings Program and are awaiting further instructions on how to move forward. The Town is ready to move forward holding property owners responsible for these structures.

“”We are also feeling confident we will be rewarded the Beautification Grant through EQT in Mid June which will be huge as The County Commissioners have agrees to match that grant and that grant we asked for $15,000 , so we could have $30,000 to help beautify our community,” said Mayor Goff. “We put a lot of effort into that project as well as this sidewalk grant. We are hoping that a Bipartisan Infrasture Bill passes so we can repave the rest of the streets in Hundred, as well as parking lots. “We hope that in the next couple years we will start seeing Hundred turn around as we are working hard on the dilapidated structures, new sidewalks, property maintenance, resurfaced streets and beautification.”

Goff said he knows the community wants to see this happen, and he wants everyone to know that all complaints have been heard and addressed, but they just take a lot of time. He said there are a lot of legal steps to take and everything has to be in place, all the T’s crossed and i’s dotted.

“I know it doesn’t always look like we are working or doing our job but I promise we have been working hard in the office striving to give the community what they need and deserve. We ask that you bare with us, and know we are trying are best and working hard and hope we get to see some results starting as soon as mid to late summer on beautification,” said Goff.

The town feels If everyone pitches in they can accomplish a lot and much more than just waiting for someone else to do it. Mayor Goff said, “I want to make a difference and want you to want to make a difference too. We can do this.”

Council news that was on agenda, The Town of Hundred is expecting to finish up the Old Town Hall as they have a business wanting to move in there after July.

The HHS Amphiteatre will not be completed this school year due to Covid restrictions but HHS officials feel confident the construction will resume late August early September.

There is property is being given to Town of Hundred so we can use as part of our Beautification attempts.

The town is working with local landlord to prevent trash build up at local apartment building

The town Election is June 8 2021. Charles Goff running for Mayor, Sherry Hayes running for Recorder. Only 3 people are running for council and no write in’s. Johanna Lemasters, Keith Williams and Jason Neville current council members are running again. Tina Mcbee resigned from Council in April due to personal reasons. The A T & T tower might be completed at end of July or early August.

Town is working with the State Audior’s Office and Senator Joe Manchin’s Office with the American Rescue Funding- We have asked the State Auditors Office to install software to help us track our spending so the community can see where the money is being spent.

Our Annual Independence Day Celebration with be Sat July 3, 2021 and Event Coordinator Janie Stewart will be posting schedule of event in the coming weeks.

Sherry Hayes and Becky Goff have been approved by Council to become Municipal Judges for the Town and have been trained. Becky Goff has also been submitted to the WV State Fire Marshal’s Office to be approved for Property Maintenance Inspector.

Hundred Town Council voted to change the Town Charter from 2 year election to 4 year, except this election in June, this term will last unit next May so we can then be on the same ticket as the county election – this was done to save the town money as elections are expensive for a small town.

Mayor Goff has reached out to First Energy and Mon Power for some items of need. Mayor Goff still trying to find a good side by side for Town Use for Maintenance and Plowing- working with another county agency hoping they can make this happen. You can now pay bills/citations on line at townofhundred.org

Town of Hundred is taking applications for Maintenance Worker- call 304 775 5131 for more information or stop by office for application.Town is reaching out to companies to paint No Parking and handicap parking on Pennsylvania Avenue. Council looking into have creek stocked next spring with private help with rules and regulations.

WV State Fire Marshal required Town of Hundred to re-.adopt the WV State Building Code- Property Maintenance Only and International Property Maintenance Codes