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The Rotary Club Hosts Students of the Month

By Staff | May 19, 2021

In no particular order, October 2020 through June 2021 Magnolia high school Rotary students of the month

The Rotary club held it’s regular meeting on Wednesday, May 12, at Quinets court restaurant in New Martinsville. Students from New Martinsville selected as Rotary students of the month were invited to enjoy lunch with the Rotary club and be recognized for their achievments.

A total of 17 students were present, representing the months from October 2020 through June 2021.

Following lunch each student was introduced and told the club what their future plans were following graduation. For the Month of October, 2020, Makayla McDougal and Emmalee Estep were chosen. November students of the month were Diana Hernandez and Jonathan Issac Snider. December students were Jacob Thorpe and Katie Kocher.

January 2021 students of the month were Dylan Nice and Mady Winters. February students were Todd Ritz and Gloria Hernandez.

March students were Alyssa Kocher and Mikalyn Renner. April students were Issac Keller and Kristina Beavin. May students were Alex Parker, Macy Haddox, and Mathan Schubach. June students were Alex Norton, Hunter Wolfe, and Woodson London.

New Martinsville Rotary Club President John C. Mensore, congratulated the students and thanked them for attending the meeting. The Rotary wished each one well in their future endeavors.