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Wetzel County Receives $2.92M from American Rescue Plan

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Apr 21, 2021

WC Commission receives American Rescue Plan money

The Wetzel County Commissioners met on April 13, 2021 at the County Commission office to discuss agenda items. Commission President Lisa Heasley called the meeting to order after she led in the Pledge of Allegiance. All commissioners were present.

Wetzel County Commissioner Carla McBee recently met with Senator Joe Manchin and was informed through the American Recue Plan, Wetzel County will receive an estimated 2.92 million for direct Covid-19 recovery, water, sewer, infrastructure, and broadband to be distributed throughout the county.

First order of business on Tuesday, was a request from Hundred Mayor Chip Goff for a matching grant for beautification of the town of Hundred and a donation to help with the continued cemetery maintenance where the founders of Hundred are buried. Mayor Goff has many good visions for the town of Hundred while dealing with the dilapidated properties in the town and a beautification program to make the town more attractive. Goff has worked endless hours trying his best reaching out too many government organizations, and gas & oil companies for funds to help with his visions.

The Mayor said he has two code enforcement officers that are volunteers and the clerk which handles a lot and is underpaid, as is the Patrolman. He said, “I wish there were some type of funding available that I could get to help in getting raises for these employees. They work lots of hours for our community to make it a better place to live.”

He asked the commission if they knew of any funding available to help. The commission said they would explore the request and see what help is available to assist.

The commission unanimously approved a $5000 request for the upkeep of the cemetery and made a pledge to match a grant of up to $15,000 for the beautification of the town of Hundred when they receive the grant.

Mayor Goff thanked the Commission for the donation and praised the work they do for our county. Commissioners said they would continue to see what funding is available to help and get back with the Mayor if they find such funding.

Other items addressed by the commission was a donation of $5000 to the Refuge Church for the Five Loaves Panty, which was approved unanimously by commissioners.

Items to be addressed and given unanimous approval were separation of interests in Oil & Gas in the names of Michael L. Koontz and Shaun Kuhn. Separation of interests in Real Property in the names of Diana Briggs and Sharon Long. Also, separation of interests in Real Property in the name of Walter W. McCoy estate.

The budget revision of $304 was given unanimous approval by the commission.