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Valley Senior Twirls Fire

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Dec 9, 2020

Kiersten Wade, is a senior feature twirler at Valley High School, in Pine Grove, WV. She is the only one in the Ohio Valley and possibly the State of West Virginia to twirl with fire. Kiersten is the daughter of Cindy Starkey Wade of New Martinsville, and Rick Wade of Charleston, WV. Upon graduating from high school she plans to attend West Liberty University, where she hopes to possibly twirl for the Hilltoppers.

“One of my favorite things to do is twirling. At Valley High School, I am the feature twirler for the marching band. During the half time shows, I twirl flags, ribbons, regular batons, and a fire baton. I am the only feature fire twirler in the Ohio Valley, and possibly the only one in the state to twirl with fire at high school football games,” Wade said.

“I really enjoyed doing the halftime shows and band competitions. It is a fantastic feeling when the spectators cheer me on, and, the feeling is nearly indescribable. I will never forget during halftime in Paden City, the spectators and students gave me a standing ovation.”

Wade said she gets chills every time she think about it that experience. She added she will always treasure her memories as a feature twirler”.

“If it were not for my mom, my grandparents, my principal Mr. J.C. Kimble, my director Rachel Krems, and the former feature twirler Megan Brown, I would not have been a twirler,” said Kiersten. “They all have been my biggest supporters, and I am thankful for each of them.”

She said during her fifth grade-year she was ready to quit the band, but her former band director Mr. Donald Taylor talked her out of it, and she is so thankful he did, because she has made many wonderful memories, and met many friends through her twirling experiences.

Kiersten has been involved in many activities at Valley High School and is proud to be a Lumberjack. She has ambition, the right attitude, and is a hard worker with determination to succeed. All of those things are a good recipe for success. Although the Corona-virus cut into her football routine and band competitions, she still has the positive attitude that things will get back to normal and her skills will long be remembered at Valley High.