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Early Voting Starts in Wetzel

By Staff | Oct 28, 2020

Voters line up in front of the Wetzel County Courthouse on opening day of early voting.

While trying to beat the rush, several Wetzel County residents found it to no avail as they encountered longer than usual lines at the courthouse on Wednesday October 21, as early voting kicked off in West Virginia. Voters reported having to wait for up to 45 minutes in some instances, however for the most part it was in and out with very little wait time.

This is an unusual year with the COVID-19 and a hotly contested Presidential race adding to the voter enthusiasm. At the start of early voting in West Virginia there had already been upwards of 37,000,000 people cast their ballots in the country.

Wetzel and Tyler County is no exception as we see an increase in numbers here locally, it is a sign that more and more people are watching what goes on, and are concerned for the state of the union and their everyday lives.