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City of New Martinsville Holds Last Cleanup Days

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Sep 30, 2020

City workers standby, ready to unload trucks on City Cleanup Days, September 17 and 18.

New Martinsville city employees held their final cleanup days of the year on Friday September 17, and Saturday September 18th, at the North end of Hydro Drive. The cleanup dates were announced many times during the year.

New Martinsville thanks all the city workers for doing such a fine job. During the cleanup, city employees guided those wishing to unload trash into a spot where the city workers unload helped unload the vehicles . They kept things moving nicely and worked hard, while using two end-loaders to get the stuff into the dumpsters.

Street Commissioner Tom Lemons was also on site helping. He said things were going well with lots of residents bringing their unwanted stuff to get rid of.

Job well done city-workers in making everything go smoothly. Next cleanup days will be the spring of 2021.