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New Martinsville City Council Honors Local Police

By Rick Loy - Staff Writer | Sep 16, 2020

New Martinsville Police receive honors and awards on Tuesday night September 8, at the city regular council meeting.

New Martinsville City Council met at the Municipal Building in Council Chambers on September 8, for a regularly scheduled meeting. After the invocation, Councilman Joel Potts led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Sandy Hunt then called the meeting to order.

Council gave approval to the August 2020, Council meetings minutes. Also approved was the City Invoices and Financial reports (Budget reports available upon request).

Mayor Hunt then introduced Police Chief Tim Cecil to present awards to certain Patrolman for their courage and jobs well done.

The Medal of Valor was given to Patrolman Courtney South for her handling of a stolen vehicle stop and apprehending three of the four suspects with one pulling a knife on her. The incident occurred on August 2, on the four lanes on Route 2.

Detective Donnie Harris, Patrolman Palmer, and Captain Steve Kastigar were also presented the Medal of Valor for their handling of a traffic stop on Harlan Drive, August 10, after Chief Cecil called for backup. The suspect had a loaded gun and meth in the vehicle. Dylan Brown, the suspect from Ohio was wanted for double homicide in Akron, Oh.

Sergeant Don Larsen was awarded the Medal of Valor for his life saving of a family of five from a burning house on August 30. It was noted that Larsen has saved a total of nine lives during his time serving on the force.

Councilman and Chairman of the Police Department Committee Joel Potts, presented the Medal of Valor to Chief Tim Cecil for his involvement of the incident August 10, on Harlan Drive.

Congratulations was offered by council and Mayor Hunt to all the officers honored on a job well done. “The citizens of New Martinsville appreciate all you do in keeping our community safe,” stated Hunt.

The next item on the agenda was the discussion and decision on Trick or Treat this year. The Council felt for the safety of the children of our town and surrounding areas it would be in everyone’s best interest to cancel this years event.

The Park and Recreation Director Bev Gibb requested to close Hydro Road for “Halloween on Hydro” (Covid-19 alternative to Boo at Bruce), October 25, with alternate rain date November 1, 2020. Council unanimously approved the request.

Council also approved the bike path extension design grant application as requested by Bev Gibb.

The residents of Northgate made a request for street light upgrade at the entrance of Northgate Drive. Council approved the request if there is no extra cost by Mon Power to the city for replacement.

Councilman Joe Smith asked for recommendations on the Old City Hall building which is currently rented to the Chamber of Commerce. Smith proposed to continue to rent the building to the Chamber of Commerce at $250 a month and they pay utilities and maintenance costs starting October 1. It was approved by Council unanimously.

Smith also made a proposal to put the Old City Hall Building on the market for sale. The Council moved to table the proposal until further research of the building being a Historic structure could be complete and stipulations put in place if they decide to sell.

Next item Smith spoke about was all the repairs needed at the City Complex, Street Department building, Police Department, and the roof needed on the Water department building. The Council unanimously approved a cap of $25,000 to repair buildings.

Councilman Ron Brill reminded council of the last clean up days on September 18 and 19th. Friday the 18th will be from 8 am to 2 pm., Saturday the 19th, 8 am to noon.

Brill also had bids for the repaving of Leap Street from Anderson Excavating with a cost of $58,250 and J & D Paving’s estimate of $59,500. The bids were given to Street Commissioner Tom Lemons to make final decision after reviewing the bids.

Council Joel Potts reported new Patrolman Palmer is still attending the Academy. He also said the city will be accepting applications for Patrolman until the last Saturday of September.