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McClure Home Shines Brightly

By Staff | Jul 22, 2020

Home Garden of Bob and Kari McClure.

While driving on Maple Avenue last week I couldn’t help but take my eye off the road for a second look as I passed the Big Blue Home next to the railroad tracks in the sharp turn on the north end of the street.

As you make the turn it’s hard to miss the green thumb work that’s been put into the back section of the yard. Everything from beautiful flowers, and plants neatly arranged, to handy decorations to brighten the spot. Some people just have a knack for decorating and it seems the owners have used their time and talents to bring to life a small area of their property for all to enjoy.

As I drove by I caught a glimpse of movement coming from behind a beautiful small tree. I turned around and pulled on the driveway hoping to find someone there. Sure enough, I found one of the owners Kari McClure tending to her flowers with a water hose.

After inquiring if I could take a picture for the paper, I was introduced to her husband Bob who was hard at work himself cleaning the inside of his truck.

What a beautiful place they have. I noticed the garden on the north end was not the only thing well taken care of as the yard was freshly cut and trimmed and you could see the pride of their work written all over the place, especially the great gazebo at the end of their driveway, sitting neatly under the shade of their big back yard tree.

My visit was short, but my memory is long and I will remember that 15 minutes of time that I had looking closely at one of the spectacular homes of yesteryear and today.

The McClure house, formerly known as the Charles Edward “Buzzy” Duerr home, located on the corner of Maple Avenue and Parkway, features semblances of a time when wealthy families like the Duerr family built stately homes on “The Avenue.”

During home tours taken a few years ago tour Chairperson Fran Caldwell called the home “a real gem.” She noted then that the home still has unique chandeliers that are half electric and half gas, a symbol of status for local people.

With temperatures hovering near 100 degrees on the day I stopped. I am sure the home is in good hands as Bob and Kari didn’t allow the heat to stop their work to keep it in pristine condition. Drive by and take a look, also take the time to view several of the other showcase homes on Maple Avenue. There are some real beauties.