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NM Council Hears Property Complaint Meeting

By Staff | Jul 14, 2020

New Martinsville Mayor Elect Sandy Hunts presides over her first Council Meeting.

New Martinsville’s newly elected Mayor, Sandy Hunt held her first official meeting at city hall on July 6, 2020 Mayor Hunt called the meeting to order with Councilman Joel Potts delivering the invocation leading council in the Pledge of Allegiance. All council members were present and accounted for.

Councilwoman Iris Isaacs received unanimous approval for the reading of the minutes of 2020 Council Meetings, City Invoices and the Financial Report. Also approved was a motion made by Isaacs to rehire of all city employees for the fiscal year 2020-2021.

Next item addressed was the presentation of the American Municipal Utility scholarship to Paige Brill. Due to the latest Covid-19 outbreak decided to have the scholarship delivered by mail to Brill. Council expressed their congratulations to her for the award.

New Martinsville resident Tom McGumply came before council to voice his concerns over alleged illegal parking on his property. According to McGumply he purchased the old Dairy building on Wetzel/Dairy Lane and has been having problems with people parking on the property for over 16 months. He said he had previously approached council concerning the before issue and the street crew came up and painted yellow lines indicating no parking.

However, McGumply said people are ignoring the lines and still parking ilegal. He said they park there and go over to A-1 repair. He maintains he has called the New Martinsville Policeman several times, and they do show up, but the problem still continues and it is also a traffic danger.

Mayor Hunt told McGumply that council would discus the problem to see what can be done and they will get back to him on the matter. Councilman Ron Brill, gave the street department report and reported the Clean-up schedule for the City will be held at Hydro Drive on July 17 and 18, Friday times are 8 am to 2 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Councilman Gieseke reporting for the poice department, said that two more candidates have passed both tests for patrolman and are ready for hire.

Councilman Pallisco updated on Sirens Since PPG Chlorine Leak several years ago, Steve Yoho has been working hard on the Sirens for the community. Four sirens have been placed throughout the town. They have been tested silently. The city will be sending out flyers with Siren Information to the residents and businesses in the near future. Sirens will be sound tested, the test is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 5th at 2pm.

He is asking Council to help with stuffing envelopes and it needs to be put on social media to get the word out. The Chamber is donating $500.00 towards the cost. We will be invoicing them for that. Joann ordered more envelopes, Jessica will help to print the labels when she returns. There will be a letter or note sent with the flyer, Steve Pallisco is working on the letter. They will be put through the postage machine at City Hall and a check has already been written for that cost. ($1500.00) The postage machine will seal the envelopes.