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Yosts Honor New Martinsville Electric Department

By Staff | Jun 17, 2020

L-R Earl Smith, Dave White, Jay Jeffers, Marsha Smith, Gary Lemons, Jim Fayad and Alex Haught.

Earl and Marsha Yost residents of New Martinsville for many years, presented the City electric department with a cake on Wednesday, June 10, in honor of their dedicated service to the residents of the community. Recently the Smith’s honored the New Martinsville Police Department and according to Earl they plan on doing the same thing for each city department.

“We are so proud to be residents of New Martinsville and we just feel honored in our own right to have such great people looking after our interest every day of the year. These are good men and women who work hard each day to keep us safe and secure and we appreciate each one of them,” said Earl and Marsha Smith.

Present for the celebration were the Smith’s and several electric department employees. Dave White electric superintendent said they appreciate the Smith’s and thank them for expressing their thoughtfulness.