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Sandy Hunt Speaks Out About Her Plans For N.M.

By Staff | Jun 3, 2020

Sandy Hunt

Knowing Sandy Hunt means knowing words put into action. She said awhile back she would like to be Mayor of New Martinsville because she has ideas that can bring the community back to it’s glory days. Not all fun and games, but a little of both mixed in with business.

“We have to take care of the business of the community, we need to run New Martinsville just like we would run a successful business venture. I happen to have that kind of experience and knowledge, 38 years as a private business manager. Those years taught me a great deal about working with people from all aspects of life. I have supervised employees and also built teams from within,” Sandy said.

When asked what she could do to make New Martinsville more attractive to visitors and potential residents, Sandy responded she is aware of the potential New Martinsville possesses. She said for the past 16 years she has worked in community development with the intent being to bring people to town to live, work, and play.

“I want New Martinsville to be the place where people want to live, work, and play. I want us to have pride again. I want to promote development and beautification of our properties so they may be used for business and residential sites. I want to provide the brightest future possible for our children.”

Sandy thinks we need to use the resources we have available to lure individuals and businesses to town. It all boils down to micro managing and hard work and Sandy said she knows a great deal about that.

“You have to develop relationships with other enities. We will work with all news outlets, the Chamber of Commerce, the Wetzel County Convention and visitors Bureau and focus on those relationships to build a better positive outlook for potential growth.”

“One thing I plan to do is have town meetings where department heads and citizens can come together with city officials and discuss ideas that would benefit the community as a whole. Businesses, Realty, Non-Profits, and all people. I want it to be a team effort where we can let others know there is opportunities for them to help make this a better place,” said Hunt.

“We have a lot of resources, a lot of talent and we need to tap into both of those. We need to do strategic planning to make sure when we decide to take on a project we will be prepared to see it through to the end. If we’re going to pave roads or fix buildings, plan events or whatever it may be we need to have a plan.”

Hunt also spoke about a disaster plan. She said as far as she knows the city doesn’t have one.

“With all the chemical plants, the oil and gas industry, the railroad running through town and the Ohio River and the Hydro Dam we need to make sure our citizens know what to do if a disaster were to strike.”

My promise to the citizens of New Martinsville is to work hard to make it the place we can all be proud to call home. I will have an open door policy. If anyone wants to talk I will be available, open government is at the top of my list. Making sure the public is aware of what goes on in our community.

We have to be fiscally responsible, it’s essential to our growth and success. Hunt also expressed concern over outdated and unenforced ordinances. She said it is important to attach consequences to ordinances for non-compliance. And she said she wants to make the police departments wages competitive so the city can train and keep good officers.

When we asked Sandy what she can bring to the table that will benefit New Martinsville, she wasn’t hesitant to answer “Leadership” “As I stated earlier, I will implement town hall meetings for the public and lead both the strategic planning and disaster planning initiatives. I organized the New Martinsville Blue Print Communities team, and using community imput we have determined what our citizens want the focus to be on.”

“I want to help those who are wil;ling to help themselves, we need to have a homeless problem and with everyone working together we will deal with it, but we must also be ready to deal with the addiction crisis as well. This will require working with those who are already on the front lines of this fight. We need a homeless shelter and we need a halfway house for those coming out of drug court; and we need a veterans shelter,” stated Hunt.

“I have a background in accounting and I consider myself a numbers person, I believe I can make a change for the better, mostly because I will be available, open, honest, fair, and willing to work with everyone and listen to each ones ideas,” Hunt added.

Most of all she says she loves New Martinsville and wants to see it thrive. Sandy said he humbly asks for your support on June 9, 2020