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Carla McBee Seeks Wetzel County Commission

By Staff | Jun 3, 2020

Carla McBee

Carla McBee has made a career of being a public servant. On Friday, May 29, she met with the Wetzel Chronicle to bring awareness to the public as to why she should be your next County Commissioner in Wetzel County.

McBee is currently executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and would like to take her experience to another level and become a servant to the residents of the county as commissioner.

She says she will be a full time commissioner and will dedicate as much time as needed to the position. Her plans are to resign her position with the chamber of commerce and dedicate herself to helping make Wetzel County a better place to live and work.

“I believe I am more than qualified to help lead this county to greater heights. I have a degree from West Liberty University in leadership. That along with my past experience of being the public information officer gives be complete knowledge of the way government works,”McBee said.

When asked what she will bring to the county commission that will differ from the other candidates, she responded that she may have many of the same goals in mind, but she can promise to be accurate in her decision making, she will be honest and to the point, and most of all she will bring hard work. She said no one will out work her!

We asked McBee what she sees as the most pressing problems facing the county at the present time? She said illegal drugs still stand as the number one problem, but right behind is the state of the economy due to the coronavirus. With restaurants, and small businesses shut down or just partially opening, along with potential losses in income from the oil and gas industry we could be facing tough times which could hurt our schools and county government. “That will be something we will need to be prepared for if it occurs,” she said.

McBee said dedication and empathy are vital to fulfill the position as commissioner. “I will be dedicated and have empathy for others. As commissioner I will work for the people,” added McBee.

It is the duty of an elected official to serve the citizens with respect and honor and McBee believes her experience will be beneficial in serving the citizens of Wetzel County. She says she has 27 years of public service in various positions in the county and has worked with multiple agencies and organizations.

We talked about how important it is as a commissioner to understand the needs of the county as a whole. It takes a lot of decision making and sometimes unpopular choices have to be made. We asked her if she prepared to handle those type of situations which can cause critizism. “Yes I am ready for that, I understand it comes with the territory. I am involved and interesed in all the citizens of Wetzel County and have instructed classed for students in each Wetzel County High School and New Martinsville Middle School. Those classes included forensic, drug awareness, and the reality of Drinking and Driving,” she said.

She also has taught CPR and First Aid for many Wetzel County residents, and has been the trainer for EMT classes in Pine Grove, Hundred and New Martinsville. She also taught Educational courses at WVNCC. The list of volunteer services she’s provided is extensive, and includes 20 years as the medical examiner. She says as one of the three commissioners, she will work at a level for the citizens to improve and create positive outcomes.

There are important situations that may potentially affect the citizens of Wetzel County, one being the proposed Cracker Plant. Planning ahead and being prepared is necessary for future success in Wetzel County. McBee said when the Craker Plant starts construction north of us on the Ohio River, several negative and positive impacts will occur. Among those will be a large number of construction workers who will drive up the economy. On the other hand there will be a lack of housing for workers which could cause financial loss to city and county governments. She also believes a plan for law enforcement expansion should be devised for both the city and county.

She said commissioners need to be informed so they can make knowledgeable decision. As a commissioner she says she will use her job to respond to the concerns of the citizens, and work with all to seek answers and properly engage in communicating with others to make decisions that are best to improve the county as a whole.

“I am fiscally responsible and understand finances. I am personally debt free and have worked on many budgets in my places of employment. I have college financial training regarding budgets. My experience and education will be beneficial with the continuation of balancing the budget.”

“My experience interacting with others, businesses and organizations will be y most valuable asset to this county. I have built my life being involved here and will continue to do so. I ask for your support and vote on June 9th to serve you and the county.”