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Billie Zimmerman Makes Run For Magistrate

By Staff | Jun 3, 2020

Billie Zimmerman

Billie Zimmerman began her career as a public servant in 1998 when she was hired as dispatcher for the Paden City Police Department. From there she transferred to the Wetzel County Sheriff’s office, the Wetzel County E-911, and later the New Martinsville Police Department. Speaking with Billie the Wetzel Chronicle wanted to know why she was interested in being the next Magistrate for the county. Billie said it’s been her dream for quite a while.

She said she found out she came from a family of magistrates and her desire grew stronger and she wanted to carry on the family tradition. Her greatest desire however, is to help reduce the crime rates we are currently facing.

Zimmerman says she meets all the state requirements for the position, plus she majored in criminal justice and minored in paralegal studies at WVNCC. She also holds a correspondence degree in animal science.

She said her qualifications include training on methamphetamines, and twenty plus years of experience working behind the scenes of law enforcement. She also served as a Municipal Court Clerk for the city of New Martinsville and attended training for Municipal Court Judge. She says she is dedicated, honest, ethical, and hardworking.

We asked Billie what what she thinks about endorsements and also the alligation that some people may be trying to buy the election. “Each candidate has a right to run their campaign as they see fit to their abilities. However, on an ethical stand point it’s not for me.” She said she is a citizen the same as everyone else, she cares for this county, and wants whats best for the citizens in it. That is what matters.

“I am not a politician and nor do I want to be. I simply want trust and confidence brought back to our county with out any of the good buddy systems interferring with our justice system,” she stated. “WV Code and the Supreme Courts were put in place for a reason.”

She said the county needs someone who is fair, ethical, and impartial and she believes she’s that candidate. “Together we can make Wetzel County prosper again.”

Zimmerman states her greatest strengths are her communication and interpersonal skills. She has learned from her dispatching career how to take control of emergency and non emergency situations. She says she has great leadership skills and a proven strong work ethic, but those only show a few of her strengths in fulfilling a prospective Judge position.

When asked what message she wants to get out to the general public, Zimmerman responded that she will treat everyone with dignity, respect and fairness. I will listen to both sides of each case and weigh the evidence in order to make a decision based on facts.

“We are all created equal in the eyes of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and therefore we should all be given the same consideration when differences arise.” I ask for your vote on June 9th for Magistrate of Wetzel County, to bring fairness and equality to to the Magistrate Court System.