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An Interview With Jeremy Shepherd

By Staff | May 26, 2020

Jeremy Shepherd

Jeremy Shepherd, a candidate for Wetzel County Magistrate, recently sat down with the Wetzel Chronicle for an exclusive interview to explain why he decided to run for magistrate and what he hopes to bring to the office if elected.

When asked why he wants to be a magistrate for the county, Shepherd commented on accountability, fairness, and respect for everyone who comes before the court. He believes in the importance of applying the law as it is written and being honest.

“I want to be known as a magistrate who is not indebted to anyone or any group. I accepted no endorsements from anyone, and I totally financed my entire campaign. It is my belief that when making decisions which affect the lives of others, I cannot be under the influence of any particular organization, and I cannot be obliged to anyone, whether it’s former employees, friends, family, or co-workers. In my opinion, judicial candidates should not actively seek endorsements, as this leads to potential conflicts of interest that could affect neutrality,” said Shepherd.

“I must stay within the legal boundaries of the law and never be under any pressure to please one group or person over another. That is a commitment I will make to the people of Wetzel County. I will work to provide fair and just decisions based on the facts of each case.”

Shepherd said he will bring to the magistrate office good sound judgement, a strong work ethic, experience in dealing with a diverse group of people, and a background of proven business success with an education well beyond the requirements for the office of magistrate. He said he believes by living in more urban areas like Washington, D.C. and San Diego, he gained additional perspectives and strategies for problem solving.

The Chronicle asked Jeremy how he responds to some recent social media complaints about campaign spending. Shepherd joked, “If it’s on Facebook, it has to be true, right?” He continued, “I don’t get caught up in the social media gossip.” Jeremy responded that he created a budget at the beginning and he has stayed within it. He said he is campaigning within his means, while staying positive and not negative. His goal is to emphasize his qualifications, while steering clear of criticizing his opponents.

“If it hadn’t been for the COVID-19 social distancing measures, I would’ve followed a weekly canvassing schedule that would have allowed me to personally reach the entire county to explain my platform. And my platform is simple! We are all innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. That will be my guiding philosophy by which I will operate,” stated Shepherd.

Jeremy said if elected, he promises to lay all differences aside and to study the facts of each case and make a decision based on the merits of each one.

“I want to preside in such a way that everyone feels they will be treated fairly without any prejudice based on past relationships, race, religious views or any other obstacle that might present itself. I will work with people on both sides of the law to deliver consequences as necessary and compassion when appropriate,” Shepherd said.

In closing Shepherd specified the only two fundamental promises as a judicial candidate he will make. “I will decide cases fairly and impartially, free from political intimidation or influence. And regardless of my own personal views, I will follow the law. This includes the Constitution of the United States and the state of West Virginia and the statutes enacted either at the federal or state level.”

“I ask for your support for Wetzel County Magistrate on June 9, 2020.”