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BOE Holds Regular Meetings Via Youtube

By Staff | May 20, 2020

The Board of Education held their regular meeting via YouTube on May 11, with all the Board members present. Board President Warren Grace called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance and member Brian Price delivered the invocation.

Several Employees were on the agenda for recognition. Debra Price was recognized and awarded as the 2019-2020 teacher of the year. Pamela Shockley was recognized and awarded as the service personnel of the year for 2019-2020.

Other recognized were employees of the 25 Year Club. Assistant Superintendent Darren Cook presented a slide show from Mr. McPherson and spoke of all the employees individually and congratulated them on their years of service. Those honored included Deborah Allen, Marla LaRue, Carol Zombotti, Terry Greene, Virginia Morris, Pamela Neff, Candace Landers, Barbara Yeager, and Teresa Stackhouse.

Under Personnel Matters: The Board unanimously approved the re-appointment Jeffrey A. Lancaster as Treasurer for Wetzel County Schools for the 2020-2021 school year. The board commended him on the fine job he does with the Counties finances.

The Board also unanimously approved the following professional countywide employees. Kayla A. George, Alexa M. Isaly. Hundred High School: Alyssa W. Henderson, Annaliese N. Henderson. Long Drain School: Katie L. Frick. Magnolia High School: Heather L. Hale, Drew A. Schmalz. New Martinsville School: Kayla R. Adams, Anna M. Barrick, Brittany A. Hoskins, Melissa J. Landis, Jennifer Piekarski, Amanda C. Tallman, Bree D. Worley. Paden City Elementary: Tara Jackson. Paden City High School: Kandy S. McGuire time, Eric F. Piekarski, Robert J. Price, Chandra M. Spragg. Short Line School: Denise A. Greene, Principal Beverly L. Barr, Heather R. Norton, Lindsey P. Snider, Amy M. Taylor. Valley High School: Gabrielle P. Cooper.

Service Personnel Aides unanimously approved are as follows; Magnolia High School: Serena A. Huggins 200 days. New Martinsville School: Cindy D. Aliff 200 days, Lisa R. Bock 200 days, Ashley M. Workman 200 days. Short Line School: Andrea D. Pittman 200 days. Bus Operators: Chad M. Flowers 200 days. Cooks: New Martinsville School: Rebecca G. Haught 200 days. Custodians: Pfalzgraf, David J. 228 days.

The Re-Employment of Probationary Professional and Service Personnel for the 2020-2021 School Year were given unanimous approval from the Board.

They include the following professional employees: County Office: Charles M. Duke (2nd year). Countywide: Diedra S. Huggins (3rd year), Marah N. Utt (3rd year). Hundred High School: Shannon B. Duckworth (3rd year), Cameron L. Phillips (3rd year), Aaron J. Sine (1/2) (2nd year), Tiana M. Tallman (3rd year). Long Drain School: Autumn D. Fluharty (2nd year), Brandon D. Miller (2nd year), Aaron J. Sine (1/2) (2nd year). Magnolia High School: Kayla Hizer (2nd year), Raymond Rateno (2nd year), Erica Sapp (2nd year). New Martinsville School: Cynthia R. Anderson (3rd year), Angela K. Beardmore (3rd year), Adam S. Croasmun (2nd year), Daniel I. Olack (2nd year), Devin M. Overholt (2nd year). Paden City Elementary: Jason A. Bennett (2nd year), Haley Williams (2nd year) . Paden City High School: William Bell (2nd year), Kelli Meeks (2nd year), Joseph S. Semple (2nd year), Samantha M. Smith (2nd year), Haley Williams (2nd year). Short Line School: Nicole H. Emch (2nd year), Valerie A. Kelly (2nd year), Rachel E. Krems (1/2) (2nd year), Emily P. Patterson (2nd year), Michele E. Reuther (3rd year), Leslie G. Tennant (3rd year). Valley High School: Rachel E. Krems (1/2) (2nd year), Jessica L. Mace (3rd year), James D. Morris (2nd year). WCTEC: Deborah M. Coen (2nd year), Stephen A. Starkey (2nd year).

The following service personnel : Aides: Long Drain School: Janice J. Lookadoo (2nd year) 200 days. Magnolia High School: Jacqueline Johnson (3rd year) 200 days. New Martinsville School: Tina J. Lockhart (2nd year) 200 days. Short Line School: Belinda A. Henderson (3rd year) 200 days, Laura A. Yoho (3rd year) 200 days. Bus Operators: Paul E. Guignet (2nd year) 200 days, Barry C. Kirkland (3rd year) 200 days. Cooks: New Martinsville School: Cee Jae Wykert (1/2) (2nd year) 200 days. Custodians: Hundred High School: Waneta G. Yoho (3rd year) 228 days. Magnolia High School: Steven Loy (2nd year) 228 days. New Martinsville School: Josie L. Greathouse (3rd year) 228 days, Pamela S. Hoskins (2nd year) 228 days, Eric S. Roberts (2nd year) 228 days. Short Line School: Amy J. Coen (2nd year) 228 days, Dawson, Jodie J. (2nd year) 228 days. Valley High School: Sarah E. Johnson (2nd year) 228 days. Mechanic Assistant: Loy, Charles A. (2nd year) 261 days, Rush, Allen L. (2nd year) 261 days. Secretaries: Long Drain School: Melissa D. Bartrug (2nd year) 220 days. Magnolia High School: Andrea N. Poe (2nd year) 220 days. Paden City High School: Tamara D. VanDyne (2nd year) 220 days.

Approval was given for Payment of Bills for the Month of April 2020, (invoices approved at this meeting are available for review at the Wetzel County Schools’ Financial Office); and b) Approval for Transfers and Increases in the Budget. Mr. Lancaster said that he received news that the Cares Act will be giving our county $724,000 to aid in this Covid-19 pandemic. The board approved the treasurer’s report unanimously.

Superintendent Ed Toman recommended approval of the Preliminary Operating Budget for the 2020- 2021 School Year and the proposed budget be made available for public inspection. The Board approved the recommendation.

The Board unanimously approved to go ahead with the projects at the schools in the county, that had previously been budgeted to complete this summer.

There was discussion concerning each county or governing bodies three week out-of-season coaching period. It was decided they must be consecutive weeks and leave the week that includes July 4 as an open week. Start date to be July 6-26, 2020, but are subject to change as directed by WVSSAC. Approval was given for the dates, unless changed by the state.

Times and dates were approved by the board for all Wetzel County schools commencement exercises. Valley High School July 24, 2020 6:00 p.m. at Valley High School Gymnasium, Hundred High School July 25, 2020 3:00 p.m. at Hundred High School the alternate site is Cosgray Field if social distancing is still in effect. Magnolia High School July 30, 2020 8:00 p.m. Alternate date is August 6 at Magnolia High School Football Field. Paden City High School July 31, 2020 7:00 p.m. at Berger Stadium with the alternate site at Bob Burton Gymnasium.