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Lemley Looks For Another Term As Wetzel County Assessor

By Staff | May 6, 2020

I want to take this opportunity to thank the citizens of Wetzel County and the citizens of Hundred for providing me 20 years of public service. I owe Wetzel County a great deal of gratitude for continuously electing me since June of 2000. I have filed again to be your Wetzel County Assessor. I have no other political ambitions, and I hope my fellow Wetzel Countians continue to re-elect me as your assessor until my retirement. Public service to you, my fellow citizens, is what keeps me motivated, gives me purpose, and I appreciate each and every one of you very much.

I started this journey at the age of 19 as a member of the Hundred Town Council. Then, I became Mayor of Hundred in 2001. Next, I was elected to a seat on the Wetzel County Board of Education in 2004. By 2009, I was elected to a position on the Wetzel County Commission. Finally, in 2013, I became Wetzel County Assessor. I will turn 40 years old in October. I do no regret a mile I have traveled down this journey.

I want to assure the Citizens of Wetzel County that my staff and I will continue to provide excellent customer service to you. We will continue to provide a fair and equal tax base to every property owner in Wetzel County. My staff and I will continue to advance the office in technological ways to make more information readily available to you via the internet. Finally, we will continue to operate the office lawfully, ethically, and with 100% transparency. In closing, I want to thank the following individuals: 1) I want to thank God for blessing me with this career in public service, and I want to thank Him for his many blessings to me. 2) I want to thank my parents, Bill and Diana Lemley. I have the best Mom and Dad in the world, and I appreciate their support, love, and care. 3) I want to thank my office staff who have become an extension of my family. I appreciate their hard work and dedication to Wetzel County. 4) Lastly, to every citizen in Wetzel County I want to say THANK YOU, and I will appreciate your continued support on June 9, 2020.