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Wetzel Commission Holds Regular Session April 14

By Staff | Apr 22, 2020

The Wetzel County Commissioners held a regular meeting April 14, at the County Commission Office with a light agenda. Commission President Larry Lemon led the Pledge of Allegiance and called the session to order.

The only items addressed was an Approval of grants for the Child Advocacy Center $88,479.00 and Victims of Crime (VOCA) $83.684.00.

These grant monies are obtained and utilized by the Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center which benefits Wetzel and Tyler Counties.


Timothy Haught, Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney was present for the action on the Magistrate Court Lease. The meeting went into executive session. No action taken was reported.

Wetzel County Commission addresses several issues April 7

The Wetzel County Commission met for a regular session April 7, at the Commission Office to address items. Commissioner Lemon lead the Pledge of Allegiance and called session to order. The first order of business was the Proclamation, from the Child Advocacy Center.

The Commission approved a Proclamation from the Child Advocacy Center regarding Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness for the month of April. The Commission expressed appreciation to all individuals in the effort to protect children, including the Prosecuting Attorney and the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office.

The Commission discussed implementing usage of a no-touch thermometer at the front entrance of the courthouse, to protect employees as well as any citizens who might enter for court hearings or essential business. It was discussed that this would be done to all persons entering the building.

It has already been operating on a trial basis since late last week with no objections so far. We will obtain some guidelines from the Health Department on what temperatures are considered too high for entry, and then fully implement this plan. Once we obtain all necessary information, this will also be implemented at the Magistrate Court.

Marshall County recently adopted an Emergency Compensation Plan which would allow them to compensate their first responders and law enforcement employees for the hazards they face when being in the front line of this pandemic. The Wetzel County Commission is looking into creating a similar plan that would allow our First Responders the same compensation. Various ideas were discussed, one being those employees who will not receive such a hazard pay but would lose vacation time due to this pandemic. It was discussed that elected officials will submit in writing their requests and concerns. All ideas were taken into consideration and a policy regarding these matters will be furnished to department heads.

The Commission extended the Emergency Operations Plan to April 30th, regarding restriction of the public into county offices, conducting business by mail or other forms of communication and working with limited staff. The Plan will be reevaluated at such time.